Teaching Staff

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The Language Institute has a group of well and highly qualified distinguished university graduates who skillfully perform the assigned educational tasks.

Facts attributing the teaching staff :

  • High degree of qualification and professionalism.
  • Accumulation of experiences.
  • Constant assessment of qualifications standards before joining actual training.
  • Qualifying new instructors under the supervision of the senior instructors.
  • availability and employment of native instructors.

Instructors Qualifying Courses

  • English Language: English instructors participate in specialized courses focusing on teaching methodologies. In addition, they enroll to special courses aiming at reinforcing their knowledge and improving their language skill profficiency. Such courses are held in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada as well as NATO schools and training institutes .
  • Various courses and workshops are held under the supervision of specialized native speakers of the target languages. These workshops cover several aspects related to modern methodologies adopted in the most advanced institutes worldwide.
  • Foreign Languages: Most instructors hold university degrees in their respective language specialization while others attended intensive basic courses in the native country and excelled in the acquisition to the level that they have become capable of teaching their languages superbly and meritoriously. Furthermore, teachers do have the opportunity to join and attend specialized courses in languages and methodologies at the prestigious language centers in the native language country.


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