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Teaching languages has been our Profession since 1968. The LI main mission is to qualify military personnel in a number of languages when required to enable them to participate in missions and courses abroad effectively. Arabic Language multi level courses are also offered for non-native speakers from different countries.

Teaching Arabic Language for non-native speakers from Europe, America and Asia - which has started since 1993 - is one of our main considerations. This would undoubtedly enhance mutual understanding and relations, sustain intellectual ties with nations and spread and promote Arabic culture.

In Addition to Arabic for non native speakers, the following languages are offered:

Language since
English  1968
French  1982
Hebrew 1982
Russian  1986
Turkish 1994
German 1998
Italian 2000
Spanish 2003
Chinese 2009


Self Access Learning Centre:

The Language Institute has a typical self access learning centre provided with an updated multi languages software programs. It is also equipped with suitable teaching and learning materials. It is a very unique in terms of teaching and learning style where the user can independently practice and learn any language skill without teacher’s supervision. The available language activities are various and range between theoretical and practical language lessons conducted in a very suitable and comfortable Teaching atmosphere.

The centre is open for all JAF and other security departments personnel.

The centre has the following teaching materials:

  • Audio –visual language software in multi languages.
  • Various language books and references including those specialized in grammar, vocabulary, semantics, real life conversational utterances.
  • Various level dictionaries in multi languages.
  • Magazines and periodicals.
  • Individual PCs and  booths .
  • Internet access and printing services.
  • TVs and recorders.
  • Simulated testst / PLACEMENT tests.



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