Non-sceduled Language Qualifying Courses

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These are courses that are held upon request in English and French for specific purposes. These types of courses require intensive training to refresh the participant’s knowledge in the target language. Curriculum is compiled in accordance with the aim of the course.

English Qualifying Course for high ranking officers 

  • Duration: 6 weeks (evening classes)
  • Objective: to refresh participant’s knowledge in English so as to be able to attend high level courses such as war and staff college courses.
  • Participants: colonels and brigadiers.

English Qualifying Course for NCOs

  • A six to ten week course designed for NCOs as part of the qualifying program of JAF NCOs which has started in 2010 in cooperation with the US army.
  • Objective: to achieve an average of 65 % on the ECL in order to be able to attend an intensive language program at the U.S Defense Language Institute.
  • Training program: Scheduled lectures in the four language kills in addition to selected cultural awareness lectures.

A special English Language qualifying course for special missions 

  • This course is designed to qualify nominated battalions tasked with peace keeping missions and other special tasks.
  • Objective: to enhance the participants’ proficiency language skills to enable them to operate and interact within a multinational environment.
  • Duration: 12 weeks.
  • Curriculum: a revision of grammar, basic vocabulary and structures to enhance participants skills in comprehension and speaking so as to to emulate the required STANAG 6001 skills.

English / French Refresher Course for Military Observers ( UNMOs)

  • A special four-week course in English and French held once annually for UNMOs. The course aims at refreshing participants’ knowledge and skills in English and French languages so as to be able to interact and communicate in a multinational environment.




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