Language Institute

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The JAFLI main duty is teaching languages in order to qualify JAF Officers and NCOs. In addition, the LI offers Arabic courses for non-native speakers. Moreover, the LI is tasked with translating books and documents for JAF units and directorates. The LI provides escorts and interpreters to various official delegations and during joint conferences and exercises.

Over the past four decades, the JAFLI has become a renowned language training centre at the regional and international levels. The LI has also become a gate for cross- cultural interaction and understanding through the wide and increasing participation of participants from different cultural background namely in Arabic and Hebrew courses. The LI is one of the few centers which teaches 10 foreign languages simulataneously.

The LI is characterized by its various teaching techniques and curriculum which combine both practice and theory through the use of proper training aids. There is an intensive concentration over the acquisition of language skills, especially speaking skills. This is accomplished through the use of the new text books and audio-visual training aids in addition to the newly added language laboratories.

The LI  offers 10 basic language courses on regular basis and 2 advanced language courses in English and Hebrew. The LI  also offers a translation course in English Language for specialized participants. Some other non scheduled courses are offered on request such as : special refresher course, special English Language qualifying course for NCOs attending U.S. schools, special English Language qualifying courses for field battalions and a refresher language course in English and French for UNMOs. The total participation in these courses amounts to 600 Officers and NCOs. Recently the LI has been recognized as an accredited training centre by NATO under which  two Arabic Language Courses ( RALC & BALC ) have become NATO selected. The LI is a member of PTEC (Partnership Training & Education Centers).PTEC is a collaborated group which facilitates and encourages cooperation and coordination among the members under NATO umbrella. 

Significant Milestone:


The first English Language course was held at the Infantry School on the 26th of February 1968.


The foundation of the LI became an independent unit under the Directorate of Joint Training.


The LI started teaching French.


The LI started teaching Hebrew.


The LI started teaching Russian.


The LI moved to its current location.


The LI began to offer  Arabic Language courses for non-native speakers


The LI started teaching Turkish.


The LI started teaching German.


The LI started teaching Italian.


The LI started teaching Spanish.


The LI started teaching Chinese.


  • Introduction of Hi-tech language computerized laboratories
  • Launching of Test computerization.


The LI gained NATO accreditation and became a member of PTEC 


Computer assisted test in use.


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