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About the wing

  • Since establishment in 1984, the wing has gone a long way in teaching Hebrew.
  • Advanced Hebrew Language courses are held for Jordanian and foreign officers.

The Curriculum

  • The Hebrew curriculum is very advanced ad consists of four books.
  • VCRs and other audio-visual material are used as training aids. 
  • Military terminology Pamphlet.

The qualifying courses for instructors

  • Jordanian instructors receive language training in Hebrew by attending Advanced Hebrew Courses held  in Egypt.

Participants and teaching Methodology  

  • Jordan Armed Forces and Security Services.
  • Officers and NCOs of  some sister and friendly countries
  • Participants receive all the required proficiency training in the language four basic skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Tests and assessments

  • Language comprehension level of the participants is measured through listening and reading tests, pop quizzes and oral proficiency interviews.


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