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The Language Institute adopts the most advanced and updated curricula which are simply characterized by the following features:

  • Covering all language skills.
  • Supplementary materials such as extra language activities and additional exercises
  • Compatibility with recognized internationally standards
  • Audio -visual interactive multimedia ( IMM)
  • Issued and accredited by the native country
  • Printed and distributed free of charge to students

Teaching Methods:

  • Interactive Methods: Focusing particularily on the improvement and enhancement of speaking skills.
  • Direct Method: Focusing on the natural acquisition of the language as used on a normal daily basis.
  • Teaching Vocabulary: Through the context and illustrations whereby students are required to formulate sentences under teacher supervision.
  • Grammar points: Presented in a manner which encourages students to draw conclusions and reach an understanding of grammar structures and rules.

Interactive Communicative Approach:

This approach focuses on creating an atmosphere of trust and rapport between the teacher and student which would definitely enable improvement of students' speaking skills through the following exercises:

  • Teacher guided dialogue and discussion
  • Role-play of real-life situations
  • Oral Proficiency Interview
  • Group Work: Students are divided into different groups where they discuss assigned topics and arrive at conclusions which are presented by one member from each group.

Audio-Lingual Method:

This method focuses on building listening and speaking skills through the use of grammar structures which vary from basic levels into advanced and more complicated ones:

  • Grammar structures are taught through the use of repetitive exercises where students are tasked individually and collectively to produce similar sentences with the appropriate grammar structure.
  • Focusing on the intensive use of videos, language laboratories and other audio-visual training aids.
  • Concentrating on the correct pronunciation of newly introduced target vocabulary.

Implementation and use of the curriculum:

  • Accentuating a mutual understanding of how teachers should implement the curriculum particularily for junior teachers who are still under training, taking into account that each teacher has a margin of creativity on how to conduct a class in such a way that guarantees a thorough understanding by all students.

Concepts of combined work for classroom management:

  • Morning briefs
  • Concentration on dialogue and interactive activities
  • Avoiding spoon-feeding
  • Implementation of supplementary material and benefiting from various language activities provided by language software labs
  • Activating and benefiting from websites related to the curriculum

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