Cultural Understating & Language proficiency (CULP)

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The CULP is a bilateral learning and teaching program carried out recently at JAFLI with the U.S Army adding a dynamic dimension to the training of Arabic for non native speakers. The program was originally designed within the US army to expose US nominated cadets to Arab culture.

The program is characterized by:

  • The American cadets participated in a two- term training program through which they taught English for English Language students on one hand and attended  an Arabic Language course that includes cultural awareness lectures on the other hand.
  • The program shows signs of effectiveness represented in the improvement of both the American and the Jordanian participants’ language skills, especially speaking.
  • The program enhanced the Jordanian participants’ awareness of the American culture and civilization.
  • The number of participants form the American side was 33 which gave a wide range of students an opportunity to interact adequately with native speakers.
  • This program with the American side is expected to continue for years to come.

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