Commandant of the Language Institute

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"48th anniversary of continued success and achievements"

The Language Institute (LI) is considered one of the promising language centers which teaches a number of languages not only at the local level, but also at the regional level. The LI plays a vital role in qualifying JAF personnel not only in English but also in several foreign languages when requested. Additionally, the LI offers various levels of courses in Arabic Language for participants from Asian and European countries. These course offerings substantially facilitate the promotion of the Arabic Language and culture as well as enhancing interaction with different nations in a world through which language acquisition has become the most effective means to exchange expertise and benefit from other nations' experiences.

While the LI is fully aware that teaching languages is a noble and honorable aim and that it is the gate which leads to an increased awareness of cross-cultural understanding, it is also cognizant of the importance of improvement and modernization of current teaching practices in order to achieve efficient and desirable outcomes. Therefore, modern teaching techniques which incorporate both theory and practice have been adopted. The LI has introduced modern training aids such as hi-tech computer labs and the intensive use of interactive multimedia. These aids focus on the application of language skills in a student centered manner.

While witnessing the fifth decade of its blessed and successful march, the LI continues to progress steadily and meritoriously toward its mission and various tasks. These tasks have noticeably expanded to include a large number of JAF personnel primarily through the English Language courses conducted at the military commands, in addition to teaching English courses at various JAF training institutions.

The teaching staff - highly proud of what has been achieved so far and looking forward to future achievements – exuberantly feels that the LI has become a member of the Partnership Training and Education Centers (PTEC) accredited by NATO. The teaching staff is also aware of the vitality and importance of the LI for the JAF. Therefore, the launching of a new LI website will definitely enhance and consolidate the role of the LI in offering distance language teaching services through the self learning gate located on the website. This is certain to lead to an increased awareness of the language Institute worldwide.


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