Accreditation by NATO

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In 2010 the LI was accredited by NATO and became a member of the Partnership Education and Training Centers (PTEC). Two Arabic Language courses have been consequently NATO-selected  and that would definitely open the scope for the institute to host more participants from NATO as well as implying further awareness and attention to  maintain constant professionalism and validity of training.

Future benefits of accreditation:

  • Attract participants from NATO, Partners for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean dialogue (MD), and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) countries to attend Arabic courses.
  • Incorporating a regional and international dimension to the language training programs at the LI.
  • Opening a new window through the use of the internet to communicate with other NATO recognized training centers which enables the language institute to benefit from their expertise.
  • Implementing a teacher exchange program which will enhance training proficiency.
  • Benefitting from NATO funded training programs through the participation of officers in courses which are offered on the NATO School website.
  • The two Arabic Language accredited courses are as follows:
    • Four-week Arabic Refresher Arabic Language Course (RALC). Participants in this course come from different countries. The number of participants is expected to increase due to NATO funding for participants.
    • Sixteen-week Basic Arabic Language Course (BALC). Participants in this course are now basically from Turkey, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, and Romania. This course is held annually between early March and the end of June.




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