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The Language Institute is considered one of the most prestigious educational centers in the region that teaches various international languages. The LI started teaching English in 1968 depending on highly qualified staff and adopting a teaching methodology that incorporates both theory and practice through the use of computerized language labs.  The highly qualified teaching staff in addition to the hi-Tec training aids help create a suitable academic atmosphere for learning. The LI is located in the city of Az zarqa, 25 kilometers to the north east of Amman on the international highway that connects Amman with the northern part of the kingdom.

English Language Branch (ELB)

English is taught in accordance with the most updated teaching methods that are used in the most modern international schools. The ALC syllabus used in teaching English are considered as the best syllabi that tackle different language skills through the use of audio-visual supplementary materials. The teaching resources are so diverse. The communicative approach in teaching English in addition to the culture awareness lectures given by native speakers help create a real life situations that help students hone their language skills and potentials.

Courses Offered

The following courses are offered periodically at the English branch:

  1. Basic English Course /Officers and NCOs (23 weeks)
  2. Advanced English Course /Officers (12 weeks)
  3. Translation course /Officers (12 weeks)

English Language Course  Level Classification

The LI has recently adopted a classification mechanism through which participants of Basic English Language course are classified into three groups (levels) according to their  language competence based on their scores in ECL and their performance in the OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview).

The levels of basic English Language course are as shown below:

Level Level name Duration Books / ALC
Level 1 Basic 23 Weeks BK 11 - 24
Level 2 Intermediate 16 Weeks BK 16 - 24 +(11+12)
Level 3 Advanced 10 Weeks BK 19 - 24

Foreign Languages Branch (FLB)

The Foreign Languages branch teaches nine languages: French, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish, German, Italian, Spanish, Chines and Arabic for non native speakers. The basic courses in these languages are held biannually for 23 weeks. The LI adopts the most recent syllabi and teaching methods executed by both qualified native and non native teachers, which, in turn, help the learners enhance and acquire the required language skills.

Participants from Algeria, Pakistan, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia participate regularly in  Basic Hebrew Language courses.

Arabic Language Courses

Over the last 20 years, The LI has been offering Arabic courses for non-native speakers to students from friendly countries. These courses range from pre-intermediate to intermediate and advanced designed in accordance with the learners’ level. The syllabus that is used in teaching is very recent and rich in various language skills. In addition, the colloquial Arabic Language is also taught. Moreover, the language material in this course is linked to the Arabic culture, civilization, traditions and customs. Participants frequently come from USA, UK, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Romania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In 2011, the LI gained NATO accreditation and became a member of PTEC, consequently two Arabic Language courses ( RALC & BALC ) have become NATO selected.

Cooperation and Exchange Programs with friendl countries

The LI has a wide net of cooperation with many language teaching institutions such as; USA/ DLI. UK/ DSL, Dante Alighieri, Cervantes, Goethe. The institute has cooperation training exchange programs with a number of language institutes in Uk, Austria, Turkey, France and Saudi Arabia.

Teaching Techniques and Assessment

The LI follows the most common interactive teaching methodology with the active support of all computer aided audio-visual systems. The teaching techniques used, focus on classroom dialogues that urge students to participate and interact with teachers as well as other students. Language labs with internet access are also used in providing language software to purposefully enhance students' language skills. The LI also administers evaluation tests that include listening sections which demandingly require from students to enhance their productive skills particularly listening and speaking; a fact being highly stressed during the teaching process.

Test Computerization

The LI has already finished computerizing the English language tests. The project, which started late 2009,  is viewed as a substantial leap in the assessment and evaluation process. Test computerization not only has tangibly elevated the integrity and the transparency of testing mechanism, but also it has it has progressively  kept the LI updated and compatible with the latest mechanisms of evaluation and assessment

Level of participation

The LI runs bi-annually basic language courses in 10 languages throughout two training terms. Approximately 500 officers and NCOs participate in different language courses every year. Moreover, participants from friendly and sister countries such as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, UAE, and Pakistan, frequently participate in the Hebrew language course. The number of participants in Arabic language courses for non native speakers comes up to 60 students per year. Most of them come very often from USA, UK, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Romania, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Taiwan.

Points of contacts

You may get in contact with the Language Institute on the following address: JAf HQ, Directorate of Joint Training,Langauge Institute,Zarqa, Jordan. or through the website homepage: contact us.
Phone number and fax: 00962 6 5002927
Website: www.jafli.mil.jo

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